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Beyond Limits

The year is 2424. Earth is under the control of ATOS, an artificial intelligence that has driven all humans away from their home planet. No human has set foot on Earth for over 300 years. The majority of humanity has settled on Mars, under the iron fist of the Martian Authority System (MAS). The MAS regime is a collection of powerful corporations under the leadership of the Grimes-Ripper Conglomerate, which controls most of the Solar System’s resources by means of genetic slavery.

But other human settlements still survive all over the solar system. The most prominent of these, scattered across the moons of Saturn, is the remnant of MUSK INC., once one of the most technologically advanced corporations on old Earth.

Callisto, one of the moons of Jupiter, is home to renegades, salvagers, and space buccaneers, and is the location of a free human settlement and sanctuary known as Gonave Landing Station. Our unlikely heroes, who call themselves the Azir, pilot a salvaged and refitted giant space drone named Bella. On July 1st, 2424, they receive a mysterious distress call…