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Ghosts of Blanoby

When William Winchester died in 1881, his wife, Sarah, inherited his share of the Winchester Repeating Arms Company, making her one of the wealthiest women of her time. But her fortune brought her no peace. Legend holds that the Winchester fortune was haunted by the ghosts of all those killed with Winchester rifles.

To escape her supernatural stalkers, Sarah moved west to Blanoby, California, where she put her knowledge of occult mysteries and sacred geometries to use in building a Victorian mansion. Construction went on around the clock, uninterrupted for thirty-eight years, until the day Sarah died in 1922, inside the house itself. Were her enigmatic designs intended to confound the spirits and keep them out? Or was she building a spiritual home, as an offering to the many ghosts that plagued her? Was she insane, as many believed, or might she simply have been an eccentric genius? The mysterious house remained empty for generations, eventually falling into ruin…

But now, Axel Tower, CEO of the nefarious Averroes Industries and one of the world’s most successful tech moguls, has expressed interest in acquiring the property as the headquarters of his new Paranormal Research Division. Before Axel will seal the deal, he wants the Winchester estate to provide proof of the haunting. To satisfy this demand, they’ve issued an open call to paranormal investigators and offered big cash prizes for evidence.

Help Joe, Susie, Moonbeam, and Leonard apply their unique investigative techniques to uncover the secrets of Winchester’s Ghosts.