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Immortalized – Liberty Or Death

Moris awakens from a coma with amnesia, and soon learns he has uncovered some deadly secrets and is in serious trouble. He begins a quest to find out what happened, gets unexpected and crucial help from a superhacker named Voly, and finds himself flung into a roller-coaster of an adventure.

Jeralyn works with Moris at Immortal Games, and has recently moved to Orlando. What she really wants is to find a boyfriend and settle down, but instead, she gets pulled into the high-stakes adventure Moris has set in motion, all while falling for Christian, her reconnoiter.

Starfish, an organization founded by a high-tech society on Gonave Island, wants to change the world with an advanced algorithm called The Program. In order to stop them, one of history’s greatest minds, Felix Zimyatov is killed in his own home, and despite his amnesia, Moris gradually uncovers the reason for his assassination: Moris himself has made plans to help spread The Program beyond the island and challenge the power elite consortium commonly known as the 1%, headed by Helob the Spider.

With assistance from the members of Starfish, Moris and Jeralyn face down intense and unusual situations, and meet a motley crew of fascinating characters and gradually uncover secrets and ideas that blow their minds. Meanwhile, Helob and some of the most powerful people in the world are trying to stop them.