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Immortalized – Liberty Or Death

Moris awakes from a coma to find himself suffering from amnesia. Soon, he learns that he has uncovered some important secrets… upsetting some very powerful people with strong ties to the government in the process. After receiving unexpected assistance from a super-hacker named Voly, he embarks on a roller-coaster adventure that takes him from Orlando to Mexico to Gonave Island. Curious and brave, he faces the challenges along the way with determination and humor.

Jeralyn works with Moris at Immortal Games, and along with Josie, their boss, the pair are conducting research for a story-based gaming app that challenges the official narratives of historical events. This research leads Jeralyn into some surprising and complicated situations, and all the while, she’s falling for a professional hitman by the name of Christian…

After a giant tsunami wipes out the entire population of Gonave Island, a small island off the coast of Haiti, communities of people calling themselves “voluntaryists” move from the US and establish themselves there. They build a prosperous, high-tech society that makes headlines around the world.

One of history’s greatest minds, Felix Zimyatov, is killed in his home on Gonave, and Moris uncovers the primary motive for his assassination: he and Felix had planned to make a game together, and this game would have brought to light some deeply-buried secrets and hurt some powerful, dangerous people… which means that somebody wanted them silenced.

With assistance from Voly, CJ, James, Lou, and others, Moris and Jeralyn meet a host of curious characters and gradually unearth secrets and concepts that blow their minds, all while some of the most powerful people on the planet race to stop them.