Avatar – Profile Picture and Personalized Avatar for Story Games


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Get your very own custom avatar to use in Story Games and/or on your social media!

Our in-house artist will create a personalized custom avatar uniquely for you to show off in Story Games and on your social media profiles.

How it works:

1. You purchase the item from the store.

2. Once we receive your order, you’ll get an email from us asking for a high-quality photo of you (or whoever you want us to draw). The photo should feature a front-facing shot of your head and upper torso, as in the example.

3. Send us your photo of choice. Once your photo has been received, we’ll confirm whether we can use it or if you’ll need to send a higher-quality image. If you’d like us to add anything beyond what’s visible in the photo (e.g. a cool hat, sunglasses, a scar, etc.), send us a description with as much detail as possible.

4. Our artist will get to work on creating your digital avatar! Please note that this artwork is created by hand, which means that each custom drawing takes a little while to complete. You should allow up to 7 days for your new avatar to be delivered.

5. When your custom avatar is ready, we’ll share the image with you by email. You then have the option to either approve it or request some changes. Once you’re happy and have approved the avatar, we’ll send you both a standard-definition and a high-definition version of your custom image. We’ll also add your unique image as a personal avatar exclusively for use by you within Story Games.

6. Enjoy your brand new, one of a kind, custom avatar! Welcome to the Story Games family!


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