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Promoter in Paradise – Ego’s a Vice… Karma’s a Bitch

On the beautiful island of Bali, Tuti, a recent college grad with big dreams, is struggling to catch a break in the dog-eat-dog job market – especially with the added pressure of a mother who wants to see her married. When she stumbles upon the aftermath of a major party, Tuti accidentally lands a role with Bali’s premier events manager, Tina.

It looks like Tuti’s dream might be within reach, but Tina’s in a lurch: her PA, Maya, has defected to the opposition camp.

With the big event only two days away, it’s up to Tuti to make sure that the food and wine keep flowing, the music keeps playing, and the egos are sufficiently stroked.

Our young hero from the Bali ‘burbs is up against powerful forces determined to see her fail. Tuti must not only survive the next 48 hours, but also pull off the party of the year to keep her dream alive!